The Ultimate Business Training Platform

The Full Process

Preliminary Meeting

A meeting with Owners or Shareholders to review current status of business. Discuss targets and goals based on facility and current employee status. Complete preliminary assessment questionnaire.

Facility Evaluation

Perform a facility visit and observe all customer to employee interactions. Review pricing presentation and criteria for accuracy. Interview all staff members to obtain a base profile assessment. 

Review and Structure (Off Site)

A comprehensive review of all evaluations, current processes, employee profiles, and financial statements will be performed. A review of customer satisfaction survey's (if applicable).  

Initiation of Processes

A correct action plan will then be created for review session #2 with Owners or Shareholders. Training will then commence based on job models. Pricing structure will be adjusted, and daily monitoring with statistics will begin.

Monitoring the Improvement

All employee's will be monitored and evaluated on their daily statistics, this is for individual training requirements. All employee's learn differently and some may require additional coaching. Daily financials and customer feed back will be tracked daily for process tweaking.

The Results

All employee's will follow job models outlined to ensure customer satisfaction and gross profit margin targets are obtained. Gross profit will be increased by using price structuring and psychology. Trained employee's will be efficient and not stressed allowing a relaxed customer environment.